Kayak Fishing on the KwaZuluNatal coast

The coast of KwaZuluNatal on the east coast of South Africa is a marine paradise. Home to the world's most prolific marine migration – the annual Sardine Run with it's 25,000 dolphins, hundreds of sharks and tens of Whales. Home to world exclusive baited shark dives for Tiger sharks, Oceanic Blacktip and occaisional Bull sharks and the winter invasion of hundreds of breeding Ragged Tooth sharks (known as Sand Tigers in other parts of the globe) KZN is also rapidly developing as a centre for kayak and jetski fishing.

What do the guys fish for ?

The Couta or King Mackerel is the most common species caught by kayak fishermen. It is a strong fighter usually in the range 4 – 8 Kg but they can reach 40 kg,

Natal Snoek or Queen Mackerel. Varying numbers are foundthroughout the year and are normally in the 1 – 3 kg range though again 8 kg monsters are out there.

Dorado or Dolphin fish is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea. They are incredible fighters with spectacular leaps whilst violently head shaking to loose the hook. That is a sight never forgotten. Landing a Dorado has to be a lifetimehigh for any kayak fisherman.

Garrick is a popular species for fishermen from the rocks. Often the biggest specimens are just beyond reach beyond the backline but are fair game for the kayak fisherman.

Yellowfin Tuna or Tunny can weigh 20 kg and is strong ! Expect a long fight and a real testing of your gear.

Dagga Salmon is a shoaling predator found in shallower water particularly along the sandy edges of reefs and estuaries.

Sailfish leaping with it's sail extended has to be an adrenaline rush for any fisherman.

Marlin – Black, Blue and Shortbill (Spearfish). The KwaZuluNatal coast is a Mecca for the world's Big Game fishermen. Normally this involves large and expensive specialist boats but KZN's kayak fishermen also accept this challenge – though it is not for everyone.


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Per fishing day on a sharing, bed, breakfast and dinner basis Euro XXX

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Transfers to/from King Shaka International Airport Euro VVVV

Day trips to uShaka Marine World aquarium, Durban Bird Park, Valley of 1,000 hills, Tala Game Reserve and Oribi Gorge Nature reserve arranged on request.

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