This Requiem shark is a deep sea pelagic. Once seen, it will never be mistaken for any onther shark. It's long (up to 3.8 metre) slender body is a beautiful deep blue on top, lighter blue on the sides fading to white on the underbody. It's snout is long and conical with huge eyes. The fins are extraordinarily long.

The Blue shark's normal swimming mode appears lethargic but they are capable of very fast bursts of speed when required. They have a reputation of circling their prey with mouth open before darting in to the attack. It feeds mainly on smaller prey, fish, squid, octopus, lobster, schrimp and small sharks.

Although it is one of the most numerous sharks in our oceans, the huge annual catch by man of between 10 and 20 million Blue sharks must beputting a huge strain on the population. Fortuneately they have huge litters of up to 130 pups and are very fast growing but 20,000,000 caught every year ????

Sophie Verdoux from Mayotte says 'My unbelievable shark dive 6 January 2018 with Peter Griffiths of Discovering Africa Safaris'. In one 50 minute dive we saw 6 shark species --6 Bull sharks, a Silvertip,a Dusky, Oceanic Blacktip, lots of Scalloped Hammerheads and a huge 4 1/2 metre Tiger shark.Click

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